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Hearing Date Hearing Time Type of Hearing Name of Deceased Age Place of Death
25/03/2020 10.00 am Final (HMAC Dr C J Swann) GEOGHEGAN Sandra Elaine 70 years Market Harborough
08/04/2020 09.00 Documentary- HMAC Mrs D. Hocking GOULD, John Harold 83 years Leicester
22/05/2020 1pm Final- HMAC Mrs L Brown GRIFFITHS, Geoffrey Arthur 85 years Leicester
16/06/2020 14:00 Final (HMAC Mrs D Hocking) GREENWOOD John William 72 years Leicester
03/08/20 14:00 Final Inquest (HMAC Dr C J S Swann) GERRARD Terence Michael 38 Leicester
28/08/2020 10:00 Inquest Hearing GRIFFIN Victor George 86 Leicester
Name of Deceased GEOGHEGAN Sandra Elaine
Date of Death 12/08/2019
Date Inquest Open 09/12/2019 @ 10.30
Hearing Date 25/03/2020
Type of Hearing Final (HMAC Dr C J Swann)
Name of Deceased GOULD, John Harold
Date of Death 17/03/2020
Date Inquest Open 08/04/2020
Hearing Date 08/04/2020
Type of Hearing Documentary- HMAC Mrs D. Hocking
Name of Deceased GRIFFITHS, Geoffrey Arthur
Date of Death 15/12/2019
Date Inquest Open 28/02/2020 at 10.30
Hearing Date 22/05/2020
Type of Hearing Final- HMAC Mrs L Brown
Name of Deceased GREENWOOD John William
Date of Death 26/12/2019
Date Inquest Open 28/02/2020 @ 13.00
Hearing Date 16/06/2020
Type of Hearing Final (HMAC Mrs D Hocking)
Name of Deceased GERRARD Terence Michael
Date of Death 18/01/20
Date Inquest Open 04/02/20 @ 14:00
Hearing Date 03/08/20
Type of Hearing Final Inquest (HMAC Dr C J S Swann)
Name of Deceased GRIFFIN Victor George
Date of Death 07/03/2020
Date Inquest Open 01/04/2020 @ 15:15 pm
Hearing Date 28/08/2020
Type of Hearing Inquest Hearing
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