Feedback and Complaints

All of Her Majesty’s Coroners are judicial officers independent of any political control. The Ministry of Justice co-ordinate Coroners’ training, continuing education and gives Coroners support. Though the Ministry of Justice regulates the size and number of Coroners’ Jurisdictions, Coroners are not answerable to or under the control of the Ministry of Justice. The Coroner’s Court is an inferior court of record and is under the supervision of the Administrative Court of the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of Justice.

The Coroner will not enter into correspondence about the cases she has completed, but comments and suggestions on improving the Coroner Services are always welcome.

The aim of the Coroner Service is to provide a service of excellence so that you should have no cause for complaint, but if you do, the complaint will be dealt with speedily and courteously.

The Coroner would be grateful to have written feedback as to the performance of her service be it good or bad.  This information is essential to be able to review and improve systems and enhance performance for the public good.

All complaints about the administration of the Leicester City and South Leicestershire Coroner Service, or the conduct of an individual Coroner or Officer should be raised in the first instance with the Coroner by writing to:

H.M. Senior Coroner,
The Town Hall,
Town Hall Square,

Should the concern/complaint be about a procedural or administrative matter she will investigate the matter and advise as to what course of action has been taken.

All concerns/complaints will be acknowledged within 7 working days and should the matter require a detailed investigation the person making the complaint will be kept informed as to the progress.

Complaints about a Coroner’s decision or the outcome of an inquest can only be dealt with through the High Court. The Coroner’s Office will be able to explain the procedure on request, but cannot give legal advice.

If the Coroner fails to deal with the complaint satisfactorily, the complainant may refer it to the Ministry of Justice:

Coroners Division,
Ministry of Justice,
102 Petty France,

Phone:    020 7210 0049 / 0066
Fax:        0870 739 5849

The Ministry of Justice has no disciplinary powers or powers to award compensation but may, in appropriate cases, refer the complaint to the Lord Chancellor who is responsible for the discipline of Coroners.

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