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The Coroner's Service


A limited number of public hearings may still proceed. If you are a family member, interested person, witness, juror, media representative or a member of the public, please check the Inquest listings page, as arrangements may change at short notice.

More information about the Coronavirus Act 2020 (pdf)

Local guidance for doctors on MCCDs and Cremation Forms (pdf)

Please bear with us in the circumstances. Thank you 


Her Majesty’s Coroner holds office under the Crown and is an independent judicial officer.

The role of the Coroner is to investigate and record the causes and circumstances of all sudden deaths where the cause is not known, violent or unnatural deaths and any death which occurred whilst the deceased was in lawful custody.

The Coroner's Service for Leicester City and South Leicestershire endeavours to provide a caring, efficient service making the processes involved as easily comprehensible and accessible as possible.

Senior coroner The Senior Coroner for Leicester City and South Leicestershire is Professor Catherine Mason

If you have a cause for concern regarding a death then you are entitled to raise these concerns with the Coroner. Please contact the Coroner's Officers to report those concerns.

In current non-inquest cases: If you know the name of the Coroners Officer dealing with your case, please contact him/her directly.

In current non-inquest cases:-  If you know the name of the Coroner's Officer dealing with your case, please contact him/her directly.

Current Inquest cases:-  For information on Inquests, please use the Search Inquests page or the Hearing Dates page found in the side navigation. Please do not contact the Coroner's Court Office, District Offices or Police Press Office, as all publicly available information is to be found on these pages.

Genealogy /past cases: Files relating to past cases (within the last 10 years) are held at The Coroners Office, The Town Hall, Leicester LE1 9BG. If you are researching past cases please apply to the Coroner in writing for release of the information.

The Archivist will NOT release any information without written authorisation from the Coroner. You will need to explain your relationship to the deceased and why you are requesting the information.

The information given on these pages relates only to the Coroner’s Service for Leicester City and South Leicestershire.

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