If the cause of death is established at the time of the post-mortem

If the cause of death at post-mortem is established as natural, and there are no other reasons for an Inquest, the Coroner's involvement stops.

There may be other reasons to open an Inquest, such as the deceased dying in custody.

If the results of the post-mortem examination show a natural cause of death immediately and there is no other reason to open an Inquest (such as the person having died in custody) the Coroner’s involvement will cease at this point.

We will call you to explain the cause of death and advise you to call the Registrars on 0116 454 1000 to make an appointment to register the death and obtain the final death certificate. Paperwork will be sent to the Registrars from the Coroner’s Officer to inform them of the cause of death.

We will need to know which funeral director will be looking after the arrangements in order for the Coroner to provide a Mortuary Release form. This permits the funeral director to collect your relative and take them into their care at their earliest opportunity.

If there is to be a cremation or burial, the Coroner will provide the appropriate paperwork to the funeral director.