If there is a problem

What if I encounter a problem?

Before the inquest hearing starts

If a problem comes up - for example, you are taken ill or you unexpectedly need to care for a relative - let us know straight away. We may be able to excuse you. It is very important you do not simply fail to turn up on the first day. If this happens, you may be brought to court by the Police.

We may need proof of your reason for asking to be excused, such as a doctor's note or a letter from your employer.

After the inquest hearing starts

Once the inquest starts, all the jurors must be in court for every session. This is to make sure that everyone hears the same evidence. You cannot take a day away for illness or personal reasons and then come back.

If you have a problem that may stop you coming to court, again let us know straight away. You will be expected to make every effort to attend. If you are to be excused, we will need written proof.

The important thing is always to keep in touch with us so that we know what is happening and can support you as much as possible.