Claiming Expenses

What can I claim as a juror?

The allowances you can claim are set out by the The Coroners Allowances, Fees and Expenses Regulations 2013. They aim to ensure that jurors are paid back fairly for money they have spent coming to court and any pay they have lost.

Loss of earnings

If you are employed, and your employer will not continue to pay you while on jury service, you can claim for loss of earnings. Your employer will certify your net pay (or if you are self-employed, you may self-certify) and you will be repaid that amount.

To self-certify, you will need to provide written proof of your normal earnings. Most people do this by giving the summary page of their last year's tax return.

There is an upper limit set as follows: 

Up to and including 10 days

  • £32.47 - Up to and including 4 hours
  • £64.95 - More than 4 hours

On the 11th and all subsequent days

  • 64.95 - Up to and including 4 hours
  • £129.91 - More than 4 hours

We cannot pay more than this, even if your usual salary is higher.  This causes some people on higher salaries to be out of pocket, for which we apologise.


If you need to pay for childcare, we will repay your expenses.  You must submit a receipt from a registered provider.


You can claim for standard class public transport at cost.  Please keep your receipts. We do not pay for taxi travel unless it has been agreed by the Coroner.

You can claim for car/motorcycle travel at 45p per mile. You may also claim for parking of up to £10 - again, please keep your receipts. We will not pay any parking fines or lost ticket fees.

You can also claim 20p per mile if you use a bicycle for your jury service.


You can claim the following:

  • £5.71 per day for up to and including 10 hours
  • £12.17 per day for more than 10 hours

You can download forms for claiming loss of earnings and other expenses and email them to us or you can get a copy from the Court Officer when you attend.

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